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Welcome to Savour The Trip! The place for delicious global recipes inspired by our travels, always in search of a new foodie adventure!
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About Savour the Trip: We love to travel and try new foods as we explore different cities and countries! Culture is best celebrated through food and it is exciting to experience the unique flavors that we would not find at home. In Peru the diversity of the land from the Amazon up to the Andes produces unbelievable variety of fruits and vegetables. Traveling 30 miles from any location in Portugal will result in a different regional specialty and flavor profile. As we travel we search for meals that we have not had before in the hopes of learning something new that we can savor at home, the best memento a trip can provide. It is the passion for great food and cooking that is the life blood of Savour The Trip where you will find globally inspired recipes. These recipes capture the essence of the regions, countries, and cities that inspired their creation and we hope that you try, enjoy, and savour!