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Seared Sea Scallops with Farmer's Salsa recipe

Fish flying through the air greet you as you approach the world famous Pikes Place fish market in Seattle.  With a mega-variety of fresh seafood, and a seasonally inspired cooking mentality, Seattle left us inspired to create our own seafood dish.  With perfectly cooked salmon at Sitka and Spruce and simply prepared tuna with a side of mini potatoes we left Seattle feeling inspired to create a seafood dish of our own.  On a Saturday morning we heading to the Union Square Farmer’s Market in NYC in search of seasonally available ingredients.  As we strolled the stalls we came across fresh Sea Scallops (still in the shell, can eat ’em raw fresh).  We began reflecting on the meals we had in Seattle and developed this tasty dish – Seared Scallops w/ Farmer’s Salsa.

We had never cleaned a Sea Scallop before, but found it relatively easy (find out how here).   To top off the Scallops on the shell we found fresh dill, garlic chives and bright mini heirloom tomatoes to create a “Farmer’s Salsa”.  The end result is a quickly prepared dish that looks elegant and is very flavorful.

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