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Yucatan Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup recipe

Tulum Mexico has incredible restaurants lining the jungle road an hour and a half south of Cancun.  Embracing a natural, fresh cooking mentality the food we found everywhere was wonderful, but no restaurants were better than Hartwood.  Slow roasted over an open flame, each dish has a least a hint of smokiness, and is so wonderful that we ate there twice over a long weekend.  As patrons begin to fill the seats, the sun sets and bats briefly fill the sky… it’s a great dining experience.

Dinner at Hartwood in Tulum Mexico

Dinner at Hartwood in Tulum Mexico

While our apartment back in Hoboken doesn’t quite allow for a wood fire, we decided on a cool November day to utilize what we do have to capture some of that fire roasted flavor right at home.  Under the broiler we roast some tomatoes, onions and garlic and blended into a wonderful broth.  Along with some limes and chicken breast we crafted a Chicken tortilla soup inspired by our Yucatan adventure – Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup.

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