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Peruvian Scallop Ceviche w/ Seattle Twist recipe

Ceviche and Peru, Seattle and Farm to Table, mix it up and you have Peruvian Scallop Ceviche w/ a Seattle Twist.  Ceviche was a prevalent menu item throughout our travels in Peru, whether in the Amazon or on the coast.  The idea of “cooking” seafood with delicious limes lead us on a mission to find the freshest scallops and fish.  While roaming the stalls of the Union Square Farmers Market in NYC, we came across Scallops still in the shell.  Learn how to clean Sea Scallops here.  In addition to these fresh scallops we discovered piles of Shishito peppers in a nearby stand.  In Seattle we had enjoyed fire roasted Shishito peppers  as a side and thought this along with a few other herbs we found would give the Scallop Ceviche a unique twist – Peruvian Scallop Ceviche w/ a Seattle Twist.

Shishito Peppers at Union Square Farmer's Market NYCsquid and scallops in the shell at Union Square Farmer's Market NYC

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